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    Partition wall system is the most suitable solution for creating rooms and separating workstations considering the changing needs of various offices spaces. Partition system is designed in modules and therefore they are easy to install and easy to relocate. The design of the partitions and their widths, heights and divisions according to the requests of the designer or the customer.

    The modules are made from 16x80 mm aluminium profiles (80 mm is the depth of the profile).
    Modules will be put together (framework, glasses, seals, etc) in the production and on site only the interconnection of modules with the help of strain bolts takes place.

    Partitions system profiles, modules, posts and framework are made from 16x80 mm aluminium profiles.

    Corner Solutions 
    Right angles are made with 80x80 mm profile. 

    Glasses and Panels 
    Glasses are fixed into the groove of the profile with seals (black, grey). The following inserts can be used in the modules (maximum thickness 16 mm).

    • Glass (bright, tinted, frosted, quenched, laminated, decorative, etc.)
    • Sealed glass units (16 mm)
    • Melamine and PVC panels
    • Painted MDF and veneered panels
    • Textile-covered panels

    Partition system sound insulation up to 40 dB.
    Jalousies, blinds, cables, etc. can be attached to the modules.

    Are made with openings for glass or as panelled doors.
    Sliding doors are made from aluminium profiles (or MDF profiles) – single or double sides and with telescope openings.
    Swing doors are made from aluminium profile (or MDF profiles).

    Surface finish of aluminium profiles is natural anodising or the profiles are painted according to RAL catalogue.
    MDF doors can be varnished, veneered, pickled or painted according to RAL catalogue.

    Door Hardware
    All locks, handles, stoppers, hinges, sliding door rails suitable for internal doors can be used.

    Partition wall system is installed in ready-made modules which makes the installation easy and fast. Further relocation and redecoration of rooms is easy and fast with the existing modules.
    For providing the sound insulations, there are seals between the modules. Fastening the modules to the ceiling, wall, floor as appropriate. The wiring can be installed through the grooves inside the profiles (electrical strike plate, sockets, switches, etc.).