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    FULL HEIGHT GLAZED partition wall system is the most suitable solution for creating rooms and separating the workstations considering the changing needs of various office spaces. FULL HEIGHT GLAZED partition wall system is designed in glass modules. The surface of the glass enables maximum view and the profile surrounds the glass wall only form top and bottom, and if needed, from sides. There are no vertical profiles between the glass modules.

    35 mm aluminium bracket profiles are used for fixing the glass from top and bottom, onto which the aluminium profile skirting boards are fixed from the sides.

    6 – 19 mm toughened safety glasses are used as glass panes, as appropriate. The open edges of the glasses are polished. If applicable, the joints between the glasses are filled with silicone.

    Doors and Hardware 
    Dorma hardware are used (see
    door furniture (hinges, stoppers, locks, etc.)
    sliding systems
    movable walls
    door automation
    access systems, etc.

    Dorma solutions ensure the high quality of the used hardware and offer a big range of details with different surface coatings.

    If applicable, the hardware of other system manufacturers can be used.

    Surface Finish
    Surface finish of partition wall profile can be:
    natural anodising (light grey)
    stainless steel (brushed, polished)
    paint from RAL catalogue as special solution

    Special Solutions
    15×15 mm aluminium U profile can be used as the special solution for the bottom profile.
    Painted or veneered MDF profiles can be used as special solutions for profiles.
    Special solutions can be worked out in co-operation with architects and interior designers.