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  • Movable Doors
    Movable doors may have upper tracks or floor guides. Door panels may be parked next to the wall or moved into the wall. It is also possible to mount panels on two or more tracks and moved alternately (wardrobe doors).
     Doors with a height over 2500 mm require a floor guide. Doors are available in different panel width, thickness and finish.
    •  Ease of use; occupy less space than opening doors
    •  Finish options (laminated, veneered – varnished, oiled, painted)
    •  Panels may be glazed (toughened, laminated, decorative glass, glass pasted with foil, double glass unit)
    •  Door height up to 2800 mm
    •  Door leaf width up to 2000 mm
    •  Door thickness 25 – 40 mm