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  • Folding doors
    Folding doors have an upper track with an extra floor guide if necessary. Panels locked together with hinges.
     Doors higher than 2300 mm require a floor guide. Runners may be fortified in the centre of panel (Centafold) or at the ends of panel (Foldaside). The door may be equipped with a lock. Doors are available in different width, thickness and finish.
    •  easy to use and space-friendly
    •  variety of finishes (laminated, veneered – varnished (oiled), painted)
    •  panels may be glazed (toughened, laminated, decorative glass, glass pasted with foil, double glass unit)
    •  door height up to 2800 mm
    •  panel width 200 – 600 mm
    •  panel thickness 20 – 40 mm